Beauty Salon and Social Media Marketing Strategies

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Social Media Marketing has become an important variable in the formula for success of even traditional brick and mortar businesses that were previously not affected by technology. Let us face it, internet previously and social media recently have caused a massive impact on the people's lifestyle.

Beauty SALON

The social media revolution has provided small businesses with a chance to market effectively and extend their reach in their limited budgets. Previous marketing techniques, including digital media & print media, were expensive and the audience that they could cover was limited.

Social media offers an opportunity to not only target a broad range of customers, it also offers customization where only the people interested in the business are the one who gets the message saving precious effort, time and money.

Beauty salons are part of a dynamic fashion industry where the only thing constant is change. From small one room salons to conglomerates the business requires a constant knowledge of the market pulse. Social media with its reach, dynamism and customer testimonials offers beauty salons an ideal spectrum to engage with their customers and enhance their business prospects.

A properly designed social media strategy is almost free and creates an impressive image of the business in the eyes of the customer.

A good social media strategy is dependent upon your target objective. If you have a scattergun policy chances are you will rarely hit the bull’s eye. Be concise and clear about what you require to achieve from each platform and go ahead with a swift execution. Clear objectives, precise content, user acquisition promotions, user loyalty promotions, constant updating of content, user engagement and problem solution should help any beauty salon get a great social media presence.

I kept the best part at the end: if your marketing strategy works well, you can monetize it gaining funds which you can re-invest to get better results for your business.

To conclude, social media marketing allows a small business salon a great opportunity for its marketing and this opportunity must not be wasted.

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  1. Proud to use smoothing treatments, healthy for both you and your hair. But there are too few people who know this! I`m talking about a small, family-owened business​​. Only premium products are used for hair,and skin care products (Goldwell, Keratin Complex, Dermalogica... just to name a few).

    Still the website ranks low (I think that`s the good term :) ). What can I do (more or less)?

  2. Beauty Salon WashingtonFebruary 1, 2016 at 11:18 AM

    I read almost all here about seo. Yeah, SEO for Salons is all concerning ensuring your salon web site seems high within the search results from Google and different search engines in order that you get the utmost variety of web site guests.

    Your salon’s s e a r c h e n g i n e ranking

    Try some searches in your town or region and see wherever you're hierarchal. Use phrases like “hair salons in….” or “hair cut in….” along with your location.

    Most people won't scan solely the highest ten entries within the search results. Thus, if your salon is listed lower your search traffic is low or high, counting on your competitors. Don`t forget, your position within the results is named your “search engine ranking”. Search engines provide their ends up in order of “relevance” or “importance” i.e. they're making an attempt to grant you the most effective potential answer to the question you put there in search. Thus if I seek for “beauty salons in Washington”, I see a protracted list of appropriate websites. Really a listing of 19,200,000 results potential “answers” to my querie. And 1st result is Yelp :). Am I able to beat thissss result?

    I`ve done nearly all: countless sensible “external links”. i.e. different web sites have links that come to website, with the correct quantity of content, salon keywords, and much of individuals returning to for the new content and much of different websites linking to web site.

    "...getting the next program rank with SEO for Salons is all concerning perpetually tweaking every of your pages to form each additional relevant and linked-to for a group of salon keywords and phrases", says somebody - a guru, I believe LOL. Move forward! create more! (I would say)

    Immutable Keywords for a long shot! Salons campaign ought to begin with presumably twenty salon keywords and phrases that might bring traffic (Hair salon .... your location). For every of those salon keywords and phrases completely different pages inside your web site may be “optimized” with the correct proportion of keywords, matching headings and pictures, and links from different sites (aka inbound link).

    Over time the keywords and phrases ought to develop to incorporate all of your services and product with each variation potential. And sadly, it never comes to a final point, as search engines often amendment their strategies, new product and services would like promotion and, most significantly, you attempt for ever-better rankings.

    When wont to most result, the results, and traffic to your web site are exceptional (or it should be). this instance salon has perpetually worked on their web site SEO for Salons for two years with these ends up in their big town:

    *Hair salon in… – first
    *Salons in… first
    *Best salon … first
    *Color correction … first
    *Hair cut .. 1st

    This may appear quite affordable keyword list – however their 7,000+ web site guests visits every month from Google Searches use over 500 words and phrases, so "seo for Salons" battle never stops.

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