Billion Reasons Why You Should Use Mobile Marketing

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Use apps for marketingThere are so many good written posts about the reasons why you should use seo, article marketing, banner advertising, emailing marketing, blog guest posting for your online business.

You really want to have an excellent increasing of your business? Probably you should use the mobile marketing as one way to go for your future promotional needs.

Mobile Marketing is the ability to market ads to people using mobile devices. For instance, when searching the web you may come across a website. At the bottom of the page it could be a banner ad. If you click the ad, this action it will take you to the landing page of the advertiser.

Why market to mobile users?

There are about seven million people worldwide, exactly 7,012,000,000. And, just look at that. There are more than 6,800,000,000 mobile phones in use in the all world! Wow! Six billion people have access to mobile device. These data are from Wikipedia one of the best reliable online resource.

One more fact about this immensity of the market and the potential benefits for your business. There are countries where the number of mobile phones is more than 100% bigger than the number of citizens! In US there are 327,577,529 mobile phones and 317,874,628 people living in this country; this means about 103.1 connections to 100 citizens.

In United Kingdom there are 75,750,000 mobile phones and 61,612,300 citizens. Well, this means 122.9 connections to one hundred citizens. Amazing! And in Germany, the 107,000,000 mobile phones and 81,882,342 people, this means about 130.1 connections to one hundred citizens.

Let`s take a look at Russia. There are 256,116,000 mobile phones and 142,905,200 citizens. This means 155.5 connections to 100 citizens. It is really insane! In Australia there are 30,200,000 mobile phones and 22,700,000 people; this means 133 connections to one hundred citizens.

What do you think? Do you have a good market to promote your business through Mobile Marketing? I think, YES! Gain right now a large market share. And think that people keep their mobile phones with them all of the time.

Mobile marketing enables businesses`s owners to communicate and engage with their target audience in an interactive and highly relevant manner. Be sure to target your audience! You can choose to only target men, in US, age 30 to 50. Upload your ad and these people are immediately made aware of what you have to offer, actually within seconds!

What kind of devices are used for Mobile marketing?

This type of marketing is done on mobile or smart phones and wireless handheld devices. What are wireless handheld devices? Typically, you would think of tablets, iPads, netbooks. However, just keep in mind, the focus of mobile marketing is on the mobile phone and smart phone with Android, iOS, Windows os.

Budgets for mobile marketing campaigns are growing every year. Actually, recent surveys shows that the money spent on mobile marketing is going to double every year for the next few years.

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  1. Just create an app and this will be a good start. Of course, remember to ask a developer to create a version of your website for MOBILE users and RESPONSIVE. It is not the same thing: mobile version could be accessed without internet connection and the second looks well on any screen (smartphone, iPhone, tablet, laptop, desktop, TV).


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