Google and Project ARA - Smartphones "for 6 billion people"

5:17 PM

2015 intended to be the YEAR of smartphones! 6 billion people should enjoy the functionality of the new smart phone. The people behind Ara`s project have the idea to make smartphones running ANDROID OS. The great things are the modular system and the possibility to choose different building blocks for users!

Still in the prototype phase, the smartphone has a simple design but attractive and fits in both women and men. We don`t know yet if different colors will be available, but with so many option to build the phone we think that there will be color related options. The price for the device is considering to be around $ 50 , probably for the "entry - level " primary version of the phone. Google is directly involved in the project Ara. More articles written in magazines, like TIME,  offered details some time ago.

See the ARA smartphone prototype in action:


All in one device if you`re looking for a strong camera embedded in a smartphone or you wish to play games on the smartphone with special features. Large communities of people are talking about the new smartphone! They appreciate the idea of a modular phone utilized for more years, even for life if we considering the possiblity to change each block from which was built the smartphone.  

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  1. Feb-2016 and still no UPDATES for Ara Google Smartphone...

  2. Yeah, disappointed to see no ARA cellphone (or any brand name). I think that only big names have room on this market.


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