How YouTube and Pinterest Could Boost Your Online Sales

7:19 PM

Sales generated from Youtube and Pinterest? It sounds great! Yes, your online business could be improved with free traffic and clients. An increased traffic means more sales and meaningful sales for your services and products. Read here about social media and marketing for beauty salons.

Use YouTube

Users from social media networks have several (at least) friends and followers. Usually, when someone likes and share a video or an image, their friends saw these actions and they could make the same action. 

When someone uploads one Youtube video onto their Facebook page and it is viewed there by a user, that is listed as one view for that video. Imagine one visitor produces 2 views; two produce 4; four produce 8; eight produce 16, sixteen produce 32 - in a matter of no time, you are in the hundreds of thousands! You do the math. 

This viral increasing is obtained by entertaining, funny, and "how-to" videos.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest has more features for photos than for videos. But the same viral movement can be seen. When someone sees your picture, action called "pin", the visitor can repin it to one of their boards.

Each time the picture is repinned, a link to your website is sent. It seems that the pins are repinned for the photos related to beauty, fashion, recipes, family. If you have a business in these niches, you can expect at one viral action from Pinterest.

Social media networks can boost your online sales for real. Contact us to create amazing social media pages for you. Both YouTube and Pinterest delivers each day hundreds of visitors to your website, but only if they are utilised in a proper manner.

Since March 2015 due to the Facebook's updates the views numbers for your Youtube video, it might not be increased. In any case, users should have enabled Auto-play feature on their Facebook account.

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