5 Tips for Mobile Marketing

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Your website on mobile screens, smartphone and tablet: With the increasing number of users, these devices generate greater profits for your business.

Although the screen is much smaller than a monitor` screen or laptop, it should display messages with impact! Mobile marketing is done easier with an app and a mobile / responsive website.

1. Make Your Website Responsive
Preparing your site for your mobile marketing strategy campaign requires to remove any huge file, or extra copy. If your online visitors need to wait very long for a page to load, or if they are not able to locate the information they are seeking quickly, they will often leave the site, without ever viewing the mobile marketing message. Contact us to make your website responsive!

2. Redesign 
The easiest way for getting ready your business for your mobile marketing strategy is to redesign the website. The newly developed mobile-friendly version works better when designed solely around HTML and several specific IT languages. This might require hiring a developer that is highly fluent in the programming language. Homepage and site navigation in a mobile version must flow quick. We are glad to help you with redesigning your website.

3. Adding Text
For mobile technology, adding text that is designed specifically is essential. You will need to write mobile-friendly content. Keep this highly valuable content very short and with great impact. Using bullet points instead of large paragraphs it might deliver value for your marketing message. Let us write for you high-impact messages! 

4. Graphics
Make sure that any graphics displayed is small enough in design that it can quickly load and still with amazing concepts. Mobile technology load pages faster if the graphics are proper embedded. Anytime the viewer needs to wait for a significant amount of time for the page to load, the final action is to leave the site. You don`t want this, right? Send us details with your graphics demands.

5. Mobile or Full Version
Consider offering to your visitors the ability to choose between the mobile version and the full version as soon as they arrive at the website. This provides the opportunity for every visitor to obtain essential information they are seeking. Maybe  valuable information for visitor was likely cut when creating the mobile version and the user need to find that information at that time. Thus, switching from mobile to full version deliver great value for users.

Send us details about your business and we will create a responsive and mobile version for your website. Remember: higher impact of your marketing campaigns! Just think about restaurants, bars, clubs, offering loyalty rewards, discounts, happy-hour deals. It is easier if they notify their customers via their own app (made for Android devices and iOS, as well).  

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