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Jo Hobden is the business owner of Bo Boutique, an ethnic range of jewellery collected from around the world. Each year Jo travels as far as India, to Rajasthan where she sources most of her stock, and then onto different places to discover new accessories from far and wide, and source inspiration for her own designs. In particular she looks for old handcrafted techniques in jewellery making which are rare and unique to a specific region. 

Bo Boutique was borne out of Jo’s love of travelling and the gypsy values of being able to carry everything you need with you. Her jewellery designs grew out of this wanderlust as she learnt how to do macrame, a knot tying technique, which allowed her to make and sell as she went. Now she has cultivated her own style of macrame interweaving brass beads and embedding large feature pieces of precious stones and pendants she finds along the way. She has also done a silver smith-ing course at Hatton College where she took an interest in making. 

Among Bo Boutique's array of precious jewels expect to find beautifully handmade Tuareg silver earrings, Mayan jade pendants, all kinds of healing crystals from different lapis and quartz stones, coral and other unusual amulets or charms that have caught her eye. She sells her own handmade Bo Boutique macrame anklets and bracelets in earthy tribal colours and all the macrame necklaces are one off, individual designs created around a particular centre-piece precious rock or stone. The rest of the collection features silver and brass rings of all shapes and sizes, as well as bold tribal silver hoops and smaller studded brass hoops and septum earrings. There are hand wove scarves and bum bags on sale as well as any other accessory Jo has happened upon and would look good on the hippy, festival market scene which she loves. 

To keep up to date with Bo Boutiques latest exciting acquisitions you can follow Bo boutique uk on Instagram, like the facebook page or check the website and online Etsy shop. Each summer Bo Boutique has a presence on the festival circuit, sometimes selling in Secret Emporium's tent or with Banyan Tribe clothing at big names like Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Festival No.6. 

Otherwise Bo Boutique can be found in its usual spot in Brick Lane weekend market in LondonCome and say hello!  

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