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Applications Beauty Salons Can’t Do Without

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Technology has dominated every facet of our life; hence the wisely coined words information age. Individuals, nations and businesses have been affected by technology and this is made more profound by the World Wide Web. 

Talking about businesses, "www" (WorldWideWeb) has affected and changed the way transactions are being done since man learned to trade by barter. And if we have to cut to the chase, apps have made gross impact in many businesses in the last few years.

In this piece, I will examine the importance and relevance of the list below to beauty salons: Mobile Applications, SMS services, WhatsApp. You will also see why every beauty salon should cash in on the advantages presented by these applications and use them favourably.

Why Beauty Salons Should Use Mobile Apps

The use of mobile apps in beauty salons cannot be overemphasized. It offers a whole new way of connecting with customers as well as opening new marketing channels.
  • Mobile apps enable customers to access mobile reservations that are linked directly to your in-house calendar. This enables them to book open appointment slots while on the go, thus saving your staff some time on the phone.
  • Mobile apps also enable you as a beautician to send appointment reminders to your customers. This in the long run brings in more customers and shifts the competition to your favour.
  • Apps that have features that enables taking of photos and emailing is a plus to any beauty salon. With this, a beauty gallery could be created for testimonial purposes, advertising or simple reference.
  • Mobile apps make referrals a breeze. With just a click, a user could post their experience on their social media network like Facebook and twitter. This invariably increases sales and online presence.
  • Mobile apps help beauty salons sell their products. No matter the kind of hair or beauty products, you could promote them using mobile apps almost at the speed of light.

Why Beauty Salons Should Use SMS Service

SMS texting could be the turning point to better days for beauty salons if implemented properly. If you are experiencing slow-days, no-shows or one-time customers, SMS serving or texting could bring the magic touch to your beauty salon.
  • It provides a good way to keeping revenues up, cutting down missed appointments and keeping customers really loyal.
  • SMS service also presents a novel way of marketing, tele-marketing. You could provide beauty tips and recommendation to your customers thus keeping them engaged and entertained with your business.
  • Almost everyone owns a mobile phone; unless such a person is living in a cave or is an alien. Hence, it serves as a cool way of reaching out to people to promote your beauty salon business and also text messages could be read fast.
In summary, text services will bring in more customers and increase your revenues more than you can ever imagine, and every beauty salon should not neglect such a potent marketing means.

Why Beauty Salons Should Use WhatsApp

The recent $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook has shown to the world the importance that apps could play in any business.

It has been statistically proven that more than 450 million people use WhatsApp as at the time of the acquisition….and it keeps on gaining 1 million persons daily all over the world. WhatsApp is a platform that every business should not neglect especially beauty salons.

Just like the afore-treated, WhatsApp offers similar functions in promoting your beauty salon business. You could send messages, appointment reminders, birthday or holiday felicitations, new app notifications, photos of lateststyling, coupons and referral links to the client’s mobiles while on the go.

The success of any business lies with good marketing…and beauty salons as a business should engage in proper marketing to succeed. Mobile apps, sms servicing and WhatsApp are tangible ways of firing up any beauty salon business anywhere in the world; and if done right could take your business to the next level.

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