How to tell your makeup is becoming worse and worse? Extra emphasis for keen eyes.

5:43 PM

Over tens makeup products causing your skin to become worse and worse. What word do I use other than the word worse? If you do wear too much makeup, it not means extravagance. Just an overfilled skin. Make difference between artistic and bad. I'm shocked by the people who are telling someone is nice (clothed, makeup...) just out of politeness!

On the other side, when you are looking very well and someone tells you that you are wearing too much makeup, I feel the women or people who are telling you this are jealous or intimidated by you in some way.

Your makeup really must to compliments you! Neutral bronze, nice eye contour line, red lips are a knockout. Your makeup should look like it comes straight out of a magazine. If you have great skin and do not need to wear foundation so your right for not wearing it.

I took a look on Instagram and obviously I found pics with girls and women who love to wear makeup and know how to do it well. Some makeup look against someone with a whiter skin tone. As a makeup lover myself people don't understand that darker skin tones can wear a lot more and have to wear certain colors and a certain amount of makeup. Ignore people who tell you otherwise. 

Women these days do the foundation, contouring, eyebrow filling, and look like a totally new person with that stuff on. Actually, they are the same persons with certain features more emphasized. You must look great with and without makeup. But if you choose to wear makeup, make it in a stylish manner.

Use appropriate happy accessories. Joy will take you further! An answer to "Are there other versions of the truth, besides my own?" could be "Yes, there are, but I don`t agree with any other versions of the truth, besides my own." Should I say this clearly or just say that "yeah..." (but in my mind I know I will never accept it) just to be polite and.. social?! No matter, just don`t be ridiculous.  

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    1. Thanks for your appreciations! Amazing videos created!

  2. Yep! No one`ll tell you the truth... just gotta wait to see nice faces and probably, just probably, someone come up with a worthly opinion.

    Yep, this is my opinion LOL


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