How to get positive comments on the internet

9:20 PM

From the very beginning, it is important to understand that if your blog or website has no traffic, will have no comments. Between the two elements is a logical: if nobody reads your platform, no comments will exist. If you only post articles - no matter how valuable it would be - it is not enough. You must have a strategy to attract visitors to your blog. See our rules for online marketing services.

Specialists from stresses the need to understand really the first idea: if you do not give Web surfers not mean that articles posted comments you are low quality, but that do not yet have enough traffic.

On the other hand, if you are still pursued by a number of people still missing comments, there are some practical tips that can help you become interactive:

  • Write articles that reference and cite other bloggers. Thus, you'll get their attention and have her chance to enter your platform and leave a review or an opinion.
  • Ask a question your readers at the end of the article to stimulate dialogue.
  • Write about topical issues that arouse interest and are bidding to open discussions (breaking news, entertainment, various cultural projects that happen in the near future).
  • Become a powerful voice even when the subject is controversial discussed. Support your point of view and you'll have comments from those who share the same opinion, contrary to those who will argue for their beliefs.

Be patient. Sometimes you have to wait until the first topic opens with a comment that can trigger an avalanche of constructive discussions on the blog.

Maintain active conversation. Do not fall into the trap of responding only comments that directly addresses you because you are comfortable or have other ongoing projects. 

You will pay a price for it: the number of comments will decrease dramatically because Internet users will feel neglected and find out that all those who watched and commented frequently you will stop because they - like you - will find other interesting projects.

Such a phenomenon can mean the tragic end of your platform because it destroys the concept of "social proof".

What does this notion?

Social proof is when people act or make a decision after seeing this from their peers. It is a kind of implicit recommendation - on the principle "if others do, should be good."

It's like when you see a lot of people who watch while something in the sky. The first instinct would be to look up and you see what it is.

The same principle works great for your blog: when a visitor first visits your platform, and notes that other post comments and train the discussion will consider what you are doing is quality and you increase the chances that netizen to register your newsletter or follow you and he often times leave comments.

This is a gesture that brings traffic to your blog. And is social proof in action. Your website and blog should have an (increasing) online notoriety now.


Be conscientious and take an active part in the discussions who follow you online. You will notice the beautiful community building as the traffic increases, your comments will come as logical lines under discussion between friends. This is the fastest way to grow organic platform and have long-term success.

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