How To Sell More With Your Website - 5 Essential Elements For Any Product Page

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Be sure your client sees a proper product

Do you want to sell more? Then, it is essential that the pages promoting your products and services are well optimized.

The optimization process of a page may take a long time and can consume considerable resources. But no matter how sophisticated or simple you want the page to be, it must follow some basic rules to succeed. Don`t even think that the rule for keywords density is enough.

In this article, we are going to show you the basics of optimizing a page and what we think it's imperative not to miss if you want to be successful with your website.

1. Ensure that the user is convinced that he has reached exactly the webpage he wanted

In other words, the message in the ad and in the first part of the first screen must be the same

A big problem in the online environment is the lack of patience of users. Often, if the first things people see when entering a page/site are not exactly the things they expected to find, then they would simply leave that page without further investigation if they were or not on the right destination.

When you make your ad, whether it's paid or not, you bring people to your page with a message, whatever it is. THE FIRST thing you have to do is make sure that the first message visitors see on your page is very closely related to the previously seen message.

Practically, you have to make sure the user is convinced he has reached the right destination.

IMPORTANT: check the mobile version of your page. Most of the times, a mobile page looks different than on desktop. It is possible that the first screen does not contain the message specific to your page, in which case you want to fix the situation.

So when it comes to optimizing a product page, the first thing you have to do is to assure the visitor that he has gotten to the right destination.

2. Show clearly to visitors the benefits of your product

WHY should I buy this product? What benefits do I have?

The second thing a user should see on your page are the benefits of your product/service.

Think exactly why someone would want to buy your product. Assure your visitor that if he buys that product, he will satisfy his need. Additionally, offer other benefits that your product has and that differentiates you from your competition.

IMPORTANT: Most of the time, the price is NOT a benefit.

- Buy X product!
- Why is useful for me?
- To nothing, but it's cheap.

Does it have any logic?

In addition, you DO NOT want to sell cheaply. The more you sell cheaper, the lower is your profit. And moreover, if the only thing you can be proud of is the low price of your product, then as a marketer you have a problem.

We do not think that discounts are a benefit and they should not be displayed on the product page. A notable exception is when you say there are discounts for those who buy more.

So, think about what your customers want and clearly shows the benefits of the product page. Make sure your text is credible and do not overdo it.

3. Increase your authority in a credible way

Why should I buy from you?

The third important thing that you have to pass to a visitor is what qualifies you as the seller of that product or service.

Do you have long experience in your field? Do you have satisfied customers? (Testimonials) Do you have a lot of clients? Do you provide warranty or support? Are there other companies/authorities that recommend you? Do you have diplomas or authorizations? Essentially, any credible information that recommends you as a trusted person.

We have emphasized the word "credible" because there is a very common phenomenon: that of invented testimonials.

"I was very pleased with the product and their services. Thank you very much"

And there is a generic picture with a smiling face.

That's not credible. If you use testimonials and want to be credible, use real people with names, surnames, company and position plus a credible message. Otherwise, you will be ridiculous, or at best, the testimony area will have a zero impact.

4. Product or service specifications

Tell the visitor what he is buying in the very clear way you can

Specifications are the more technical information that relates to any product or service. Technical specifications may be:

• Technical details
• The content of a course
• Terms of warranty

Pay attention, do not confuse the technical specifications with the benefits of point 2. The fact that a TV has 120 inches is a technical detail, not a benefit. One benefit is that the details are viewed better.

If a phone is 4G, it is not a benefit, rather it is a specification. The benefit is that you can see movies easily or download programs much faster.

5. And last but not least: the registration form

Form - the simpler, the more effective it is

Here, there is not much to say. The form should be as simple as possible. From our point of view, name, email, and phone are all right. The rest must be done by sales representatives. Several studies have been conducted and all showed that the completion rate of a form is clearly inversely proportional to its complexity.

It's pointless to ask someone address, city, site, or other stuff when you call anyway the client to confirm his order. Especially in the case of mobile registrations, where the keyboard is not very easy to use.

So, a form as clear and simple as possible.

Mostly, that would be the 5 elements that must be found on any Landing Page. Obviously, there are many things that can be said, plus once the basics are established, hard is just starting now.

Most of the time for optimizations, it is to see what specific message for each of the 5 points resonates better with your audience.

But, if you take care that each page of yours has the 5 elements, then you can be convinced that it will work OK in the worst case (and not great) and that you respect a minimum standard of quality and logic in online promotion. Remember also about the mobile traffic we have talked about.

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