Google's New Home Service Ads and Google Guaranteed in US

12:09 PM

Search for a plumber and select a professional with a Google guaranteed badge. Use his service and hopefully he will solve the plumbing issues in your home. What's new? Like PayPal Protection for buyers, Google guarantee could pay your bill for unsatisfactory experience.

If you are unsatisfied by locksmith and plumbing jobs, you can submit a claim to Google. Available in several US areas, like San Francisco Bay area, San Diego, Sacramento, Stockton. Google says "If you are dissatisfied with work quality, we’ll cover claims up to the job invoice amount, with a lifetime cap of $2,000."


This is the form to be completed:

Search for information about plumbers in San Francisco on the Internet using the search engine Google for example, gives results with plumbers having Google guarantee badge on top positions.  Here is the screenshot with the search for plumber san francisco:

It seems Google AdWords Express home service ads can place your local business at the top of Google search pages for several home services. Google: "As a Home Service advertiser you’ll get a Google guaranteed badge, access to the Home Service app, premium promotion, and more." 

How are verified those professionals? As I see, only based on reviews. Still a mystery. Need more research about. You could apply and tell me in comments how it works.  


See GEOTARGETS and AdWords API Locations 2017-04-20

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