Log File Analysis To Understand If Search Engine Crawls Your Website

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About Log File Analysis

1. Web server log files

Used for technical websites audit. Contains records of all requests/hits received by the server. Details included are time and date when the request was made, IP addresses, URL/page requested, the user-agent from the browser, but data are stored anonymously.

Server log file includes:
  •     Server IP
  •     Timestamp (date & time)
  •     Method (GET / POST)
  •     Request URI (URI stem + URI query)
  •     HTTP status code
  •     User-agent
Multiple other details could be related to Host name, Request/Client IP, Bytes downloaded, Time taken.

2. URL meanings 

An URL like https://hostingwebspace.com/video.html has: https:// - protocol, hostingwebspace.com - server name and /video.html - file name. The server name  is converted into an IP address via the domain name server. Order like an HTTP Get request is sent to the web server. These requests are recorded as hits by the web server.

SEO experts use Log File Analysis to see and make decisions related to:

  •     How much crawl budget is being wasted and where
  •     Accessibility errors during search engine crawl
  •     Areas of crawl deficiency

Technical views for potential increasing in organic search results: site architecture (internal link structure), duplicate or low quality content, site performance and speed. It takes time and knowledge, and you can count on our SEO services.

Tracking Search Engines Actions

Locate and treat appropriate user-agents. After, validate the IP range by carrying out a reverse DNS lookup to avoid fake user agents. Verify if Googlebot is accessing your server.

Tools For Technical SEO Audit

Browser Plugins:

1. Redirect Path - for 301, 302, 404, 500 HTTP Status Codes, and client side redirects like Meta and Javascript redirects


2. Wappalyzer  - identifies software on websites


Note: Wappalyzer shows you technologies, software, content management system used on any website. Actually, you will see icons directly on your browser when you visit a website. 

3. Check My Links - identifies broken links in webpage


Online Tools:

1. Webmaster Tools - Bing

2.  Search Console - Google

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