On page improvements based on KEYWORDS

- Keywords Audit
- Keyword Research
- Implement Meta Tags

Off page, with creation of backlinks based on your website category/ niche/ target (people` age, genre, location, region, interests).

If you haven`t yet set up, we will improve Authorship with an increasing of authority in your category. Where is possible, Google Snippets have to be utilized:

Mark Up Your Content Items - Google Search
"Mark Up Your Content ItemsWhen you use structured data to mark up content, you help Google better understand its context for display in Search, and you achieve better distribution of your content to users from Search."
Mark Up Your Content Items - Google Search

Ask us details, and we will answer you fast based on your requirements. Please send us details as much as you can, including if you have ever done SEO for your website, web page and any social media page.

We have done SEO for many industries and areas, like Beauty, Health, IT/Tech, E-commerce, Travel, Jobs and Recruitment, Events, Wedding and Wedding Dresses Stores, Home Improvements, Lawyers, Debt Collection Agencies, Cars and Car Maintenance,  Mobile Phones and Cell Phone Accessories. Each project has a well-established Seo plan.

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